IF Library

Web site: http://biblioteca.if.ufrj.br

Technology Center (CT) Building – Block A      
3º floor – room 340
Av. Athos da Silveira Ramos, 149
Ilha do Fundão – Rio de Janeiro – RJ – Brasil
CEP: 21.941-909
Phone. +55 (21) 2562-7691/7692/7693
Fax. +55 (21) 2562-7368

Opening hours:

Monday to Friday, from 08h30 to 20h30.                            

In addition to the library, users also have two terminals for consulting, where they can access the Minerva catalog, and a space in the Reference Collection, to consult the CAPES Portal and on other numerous physics data bases, both with scanner to help to search for articles and pages of books. Users can also count with a space for group and individual study, and the free movement between the shelves.