Central Computing

The Computer Center is responsible for every part of Information Technology at the Institute of Physics of the UFRJ.

Our team is versatile and diverse, composed of people from various generations.   In addition to take care of part of the IT of the institute, is also our responsibility to manage various services, such as institutional email (for students and teachers), maintenance of IF-Wiki, and others.

Support Team

Vinícius Ferrão
Network Administrator
Cláudia de  Sousa  Macharett Elis Cesar R. Chagas
Technical Support
Office A-312    phone 3938-7709
macharett cesar
Enrico Salerno Neves Luiz Alexandre Barbeitas de Azevedo
Technical Support Technical Support
Office  A-312  phone 3938-7709 Office 4AP5   phone 3938- 935/7936
enricosn  luiz


Computação Central – IF/UFRJ

Av. Athos da Silveira Ramos 149
CEP: 21941-909
Centro de Tecnologia – Bloco A – 3º andar
Rio de Janeiro – RJ
Sala A-312

Vinícius Ferrão
Claudia Macharett
Enrico Salerno
Luiz Alexandre Azevedo