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Seminários do Departamento de Física dos Sólidos – Ramon Cardias (IF-UFF)

29 de August de 2023-10:50 AM - 12:00 PM

Spin-lattice dynamics:
fundamentals and method

Ramon Cardias


Spin-lattice dynamics represents a critical frontier in the study of magnetic materials, merging the intricate interactions of atomic vibrations (phonons) with electron spin waves (magnons). This computational approach delves into the mutual interplay between these two fundamental entities, elucidating phenomena such as magnon-phonon coupling. As magnetics evolve in realms like spintronics and high-density storage, a comprehensive understanding of spin-lattice interactions becomes imperative. Through spin-lattice dynamics, we gain insights into how thermal effects influence magnetic properties and unveil the underpinnings of spin-lattice relaxation processes. This presentation will shed light on the foundational concepts of spin-lattice dynamics, its computational developments, and its pivotal role in the next generation of magnetic materials research.


Departamento de Física dos Sólidos
Instituto de Física UFRJ


29 de August de 2023
10:50 AM - 12:00 PM
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Natanael de Carvalho Costa

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