The production of knowledge through outreach activities, is done by exchanging systematized, academic and popular knowledge, resulting in the democratization of knowledge, effective community participation in activities of the university and a resultant production of confrontation with reality. In an attempt to meet these outreach guidelines the Physics Institute of UFRJ has conducted courses for teachers of elementary and middle school, provided educational and scientific divulgation materials, created applications and videos, and participated in events of scientific dissemination such as Conhecendo a UFRJ (knowing the UFRJ) and the Semana Nacional de Tecnologia (National Technology Week).

Contact: extensao@if.ufrj.br.

Extension (outreach) Projects

Didactic Laboratory of the Institute of Physics - LADIF

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The Didactic Laboratory of the Institute of Physics was established in 1988 with the intention of creating a collection of videos and experiments to complement the teaching of physics.

The laboratory available to students and teachers who wish to know the collection of experiences and videos. It receives scheduled high and elementary schools visits that must be scheduled by phone or email.

The Lab is run by specially trained monitors to help in the observation and understanding of the experiments and the collection of videos LADIF.

The LADIF produces instructional videos that are available for teachers and students and offers extension courses and participates in scientific dissemination events such as the National Technology Week.

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