Bachelors in Physics – Informations

Course goals

The Physics Course prepares the student to work in research and shape an apt professional to perform tasks in areas that required a solid physics background. The following graduation is seen as a natural and essential sequence for the future researcher.

Expected students profile

The physics course at the UFRJ is currently focused on form the physics researcher. The physics researcher works mainly in scientific research in universities and research centers, university teaching at both undergraduate and graduate level, and extension activites and community support. Needs, therefore, a consistent education and critical point of view. These qualities are enhanced throughout the four years of the course, which is offered on a full time basis.

Expertise and minimum contents

The physicist must have, at the end of the studies, basic knowledge in Mechanics, Thermodynamics, Electromagnetism and Quantum Mechanics, acquired  in theoretical and practical disciplines. In addition, a minimum knowledge in specific areas such as Condensed Matter Physics, Atomic and Molecular Physics, Optics, Nuclear and Elementary Particle Physics is required. The practical work, in the form of scientific research, in the various fields of research and their laboratories of the Institute is encouraged.

Curriculum innovations

The course curriculum was reformed in 1996, so that is up to date and in tune with the latest developments in teaching and research. In particular, the 1996 reform gave great emphasis to the practical classes.

Methodology of the course

The disciplines of the course are divided into theoretical, theoretical-practical and practical. The basic is emphasized, as well as practical classes in laboratories and computer rooms.

The grading system

To pass in each discipline of the course is necessary to have a grade equal to or greater than five (5.0). The grades consist of exams, tests, problem sets, papers and seminars, depending on the discipline in question.

Internship plans

The internship in research is done in the form of Scientific Initiation in the research groups of the Institute.

Bacharelado em Física

Objetivos do curso

O Curso de Física prepara o aluno para o trabalho em pesquisa e forma um profissional apto no desempenho de tarefas em áreas em que é requerida uma sólida formação em Física. A Pós-graduação é vista como uma sequência natural e essencial para o futuro pesquisador.

Formulários e documentos

Forms and documents

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