(Português) Licenciatura em Física – Informações

The current career was organized with the 2/94 CEG Resolution of the Teaching and Graduation Committee, which normalizes the all the courses at the university and structure it academically, with the definition that “the teachers training courses are professional courses that should provide minimum requirements for the practice of teaching, providing for the future teachers tools for the construction of knowledge and development of skills and attitudes that enable them to act as agents of citizenship development”.

The Educational Project Course seeks to incorporate the fundamentals and guiding principles expressed in the National Curriculum Guidelines for Teacher Training (Resolution CNE/CP1, 2002) and considers that: i) the formation of the teacher should ensure the establishment of targeted skills in basic education; ii) the development of skills requires that the training contemplates various areas of professional knowledge of the teacher; iii) the contents selection of the teaching areas of basic education should be guided by going beyond what teachers will teach in different stages of schooling; iv) the content to be taught in basic education should be treated in an articulate manner with your specific didactic; v) the evaluation should have as its purpose guide the work of the teachers, the autonomy of those future teachers in relation to their learning process and the training of professionals capable of starting a career; vi) apprenticeship should be guided by the general methodological principle, which can be translated by the action-reflection-action which points the resolution of problem-situations as one of the privileged teaching strategies.

Regarding the institutional organization, the course: i) has a structure with its own identity in relation to the Bachelor; ii) maintain close collaboration with others UFRJ units, such as: Institutes of Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, Valongo Observatory, Faculty of Letters and the Faculty of Education, mediated by the Licentiate Permanent Committee (CPL-CEG) and the Pró-Reitoria of Undergraduation Teaching (PR-1/UFRJ); iii) constituted Course Commission (CCL) and Orientation and Monitoring Commission of Students (COAA) themselves; iv) encourages to participate in institutional programs such as Introduction to Teaching, Scientific Initiation and University Extension of the Undergraduate Teaching Pro Rectories and University Extension, FAPERJ, CAPES, etc.; v) shares with the UFRJ teaching resources such as libraries, laboratories, video libraries, resources in information and communication technologies; cultural events (such as the Cultural Center Horacio Macedo).


The course form their students to act as Physics Teachers for Basic Education. It is a professionalizing course and therefore aims to provide the essential requirements for the practice of teaching, providing consistent background in physics and means for the continued construction of knowledge and development of skills and attitudes that empower the teacher to act as formation agent of citizenship. At the same time, aims the studies at the explanatory theories of learning processes, such as how the skills and competencies are developed and different didactic-methodological and technological processes related to the teaching of physics in the School.

Student Profile

It is expected to form a teacher whose profile corresponds to a highly motivated professional for the full teaching career, with the following characteristics:

i) Capacity to critique and reflect;

ii) Mastery of content and the theoretical and methodological bases in order to develop an appropriate, and of good quality, professional practice needed for the heterogeneous population of students that must meet;

iii) Mastery of new and old technologies, knowledge and appropriation of resources and information available on the Internet and other media;

iv) Acknowledgement of social issues such as global imbalances and knows to introduce objective application of science to the welfare of society;

v) Sensibility to social changes to understand the classroom and the students;

vi) Motivated in their professional development.

The employability of graduates is a priority:

i) In the public, federal, state and municipal;

ii) in private schools and

iii) in the informal education (museums and science centers).

Licenciatura em Física

Objetivos do curso

A Licenciatura em Física, tanto no curso presencial quanto no curso à distância, forma seus alunos para atuarem como Professores de Física para o Ensino Básico. É um curso profissionalizante e, portanto, visa fornecer requisitos essenciais para o exercício da profissão docente, proporcionando uma formação consistente em Física e voltada para a Escola Básica.

Formulários e documentos

Forms and documents

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