Laboratory of Magnetism and superconductivity

Professors: Mohammed El Massalami

Research field: Condensed Matter

Phone: 2562-XXXX

Location: SALA XXX


Our main areas of research include (i) a search for new superconducting materials, (ii) probing the interplay of magnetism and superconductivity, (iii) characterization of the superconductivity of  noncentrosymeteric compounds with anisotropic spin-orbit coupling (iv) investigation of relaxation processes in lower dimensional magnetic systems, (v) study of the influence of the variable range hopping process on the physical properties of  the Fe-based perovskites, (vi) investigation of  temperature- and pressure-dependent evolution of linear magnetoresistivity in intermetallics, and finally (vi) applied magnetism (such as   investigation of anisotropic magnetic properties of duplex stainless steels and investigation of  physical properties of tubing-scales in plants of oil production). Various experimental techniques are available for synthesis and characterization of different varieties of materials such as intermetallic and ceramic compounds. Several furnaces (arc-melt, induction, resistive) are available for synthesis and annealing processes. Available characterization techniques includes magnetometers (low temperature: 1.9 – 300 K, 0 – 9T, high Temperature: 300-1000 K, 1 T), AC susceptibility (4.2 – 300 K, 0 – 5 T), Mossbauer spectroscopy (2 – 1000 K),  resistivity (low temperature 1.9 -300 K, 0-9 T, 0-10 kbar; high Temperature: 300-1000 K, 0 T), x-ray diffraction, thermal analysis, and specific heat (0.3- 30 K).