Germano Maioli Penello


Name: Germano Maioli Penello

Profile: Professor


Phone: +55(21) 3938-7940


  • Experimental Physics / Semiconductor
  • Optoelectronic devices / Photodetectors / Solar Cells
  • Superlattice / Bound state in the continuum
  • Distance Learning / Games / Python
  • IoT / 3D printing / Arduino / Raspberry Pi

Curriculum Vitae

About me

Professor in the Physics Institute of UFRJ / Chair of the graduate program in physics education / Course coordinator (ICF1) in CEDERJ.

Former professor in the Department of Electronics and Telecommunication of UERJ, Postdoctoral research fellow in the Electrical Engineering department at Princeton University; PhD (with a six month sandwich program at Princeton University), master's and bachelor's degree in physics at Federal University of Rio de Janeiro; electronic technician at Escola Técnica Pandiá Calógeras.


Optoelectronic devices

Infrared photodetectors with superlattices based on III-V semiconductors and bound states in the continuum / Quantum Cascade Detectors (QCD) / Solar cells


Desktop and Android game developing for Introductory Physics courses

Ex.: Vectors, Projectile motion

Students performance

quantification of students learning evolution and identification of a particular group of students in need of individualized attention


Research / Classes / Softwares and Supervision