Hydrogen Atom III - International Conference on
Precision Physics of Simple Atomic Systems

Mangaratiba, Rio de Janeiro - BRAZIL - August 01-04/2004

A sattellite conference to the International Conference on Atomic Physics - ICAP'2004

Table of Contents:    - First announcement
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General Information and 1st announcement (September 09, 2003):

The Hydrogen Atom III: Precision Physics of Simple Atomic Systems (PSAS 2004), is an international conference devoted to physics of simple atoms and related problems. A sequence of conferences - Hydrogen I (Pisa, Italy 1991), Hydrogen II: Precision Physics of Simple Atomic Systems (Castiglione della Pescaia, Italy, 2000), PSAS 2002 - Precision Physics of Simple Atomic Systems (St.Petersburg-Pushkin, Russia, 2002) - have been devoted to fundamental physics with simple atomic systems.

Physics of simple atoms offers a good chance for interdisciplinary exchanges between atomic physics, laser spectroscopy, quantum field theory, nuclear and particle physics. The conference program also contains several topics related to specific problems associated with fundamental constants, high-precision experiments and metrology. Our meeting follows The Hydrogen Atom II which took place in Castiglione della Pescaia, June 1-3, 2000. As it has been understood there it would be fruitful to organize Hydrogen atom meetings one per four years, while a smaller meeting could take place in between. Recent PSAS 2002 conference in St. Petersburg (2002) showed essential progress in field since 2000 and needs for the coming Hydrogen Atom III meeting.

In 2004 the Hydrogen Atom conference will be held on the period of 01-04/August in Hotel Porto Real Resort in Mangaratiba in the paradise region of Angra dos Reis, two hours south of the city of Rio de Janeiro. The estimated number of participants of Hydrogen Atom III is 100.

As the two previous Hydrogen Atom conferences ours will be a satellite meeting of the International Conference on Atomic Physics (ICAP'2004). We are planning to have a kind of joint sessions with ICAP, at the end of it. The ICAP'2004 is to be held in hotel Gloria in Rio de Janeiro, from 25-30/July/2004.

The Hydrogen atom III meeting will be devoted to simple atomic systems. Such atoms provide an opportunity doing atomic physics to learn something beyond it, such as fundamental interactions, fundamental constants, fundamental symmetries, properties of simple nuclei and particles.

The main objectives of the Hydrogen atom III are fundamental tests of Physics with these simple and sometimes quite exotic atomic systems with an interplay between theory and high precision measurements. The main topics of interest for the edition are, among other wellcomed suggestions, among other wellcomed suggestions:

We are going to open registration by September/2003.

Detail of the previous meetings can be found in their web sites (Hydrogen II and PSAS 2002) and in their proceedings:

More information on detail of our meeting such as travel to Rio de Janeiro, conference dates and transportation to/from conference site, conference fee, deadlines and our relations with ICAP are in part already available.

Second announcement (March 01, 2004):

In addition to the above First Registration, please notice the following items:

1 - Registration is open (Deadline: May 01, 2004): please go to the link and fill out the registration form (if  you have not pre-registered, or simply say "confirm pre-registration" if you have done so). The files should be sent to the conference e-mail address: hydro3@if.ufrj.br. Please help us better organize the conference for you by registering as early as posible.

2 - Latex Templates for submissions are already available.

3 - Travel/VISA : Brazil is a popular tourism country, please make your reservation plans soon. Brazil has a reciprocity policy towards VISA and travel requirements. Therefore, passengers from countries that require VISA from brazilians - like the USA and Russia, just as examples - will also be required a VISA. Please check with your travel agent.

4 - As some of you have asked, please notice that the conference finishes on the evening of the 4th (around 6 pm), and we expect most participants
to leave, back to Rio (city or International Airport - both are 1.5 to 2 hours away from the conference site) on the 5th. Details on payments, contributions and program will follow in the next announcements.

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