Marcelo Byrro Ribeiro

Welcome to my page on the Internet. Here you will find some basic professional information about me.

Current position: Associate Professor of the Physics Institute, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro - UFRJ

Brief description of my research interests:

  • Observational cosmology: theoretical and observational aspects of relativistic cosmologies; application of the general theory of cosmological observations to observationally test standard and non-standard cosmological models and further develop the classical cosmological tests, but taking fully into account the null geodesic effects; comparison of the observational tests of alternative cosmologies with the results predicted by the standard Friedmannian cosmology; modelling the large scale distribution of galaxies as a fractal structure.
  • Econophysics and complex systems: complexity and complex system dynamics of the distributions of personal income, city population size and industry sectorial revenue; applying the Gompertz-Pareto distribution to these complex systems.
  • History and philosophy of science: some epistemological aspects of modern cosmology and complex systems dynamics, particularly the epistemological theses advanced by Ludwig Boltzmann (1844-1906) when applied to cosmology and complex systems, namely, theories as images of nature and theoretical pluralism; the interface between science and religion under the viewpoint of Boltzmann's epistemology.

I may be contacted at: Earth
Physics Institute - UFRJ
Centro de Tecnologia, Bl. A, Ilha do Fundão
CEP (postal code) 21941-972
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
telephone and fax Telephone: +55 21 3938-7482
Fax: +55 21 3938-7368
E-mail: mbr at

Further information about me:
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