Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
ArduinoInStreamInput stream for Arduino Stream objects
ArduinoOutStreamOutput stream for Arduino Print objects
cache_tCache for an SD data block
directoryEntryFAT short directory entry
fat32_bootBoot sector for a FAT32 volume
fat32_fsinfoFSINFO sector for a FAT32 volume
fat_bootBoot sector for a FAT12/FAT16 volume
FatPos_tInternal type for istream do not use in user apps
fstreamSD file input/output stream
ibufstreamParse a char string
ifstreamSD file input stream
iosError and state information for all streams
ios_baseBase class for all streams
iostreamInput/Output stream
istreamInput Stream
masterBootRecordMaster Boot Record
MinimumSerialMini serial class for the SdFat library
obufstreamFormat a char string
ofstreamSD card output stream
ostreamOutput Stream
partitionTableMBR partition table entry
pgmType for string in flash
Sd2CardRaw access to SD and SDHC flash memory cards
SdBaseFileBase class for SdFile with Print and C++ streams
SdFatIntegration class for the SdFat library
SdFileSdBaseFile with Print
SdStreamBaseBase class for SD streams
SdVolumeAccess FAT16 and FAT32 volumes on SD and SDHC cards
setfillType for setfill manipulator
setprecisionType for setprecision manipulator
setwType for setw manipulator