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ios Class Reference

Error and state information for all streams. More...

#include <ios.h>

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Public Types

typedef unsigned int fmtflags
typedef unsigned char iostate
typedef int32_t off_type
typedef uint8_t openmode
typedef uint32_t pos_type
enum  seekdir { beg, cur, end }
typedef uint32_t streamsize

Public Member Functions

bool bad () const
void clear (iostate state=goodbit)
bool eof () const
bool fail () const
char fill ()
char fill (char c)
fmtflags flags () const
fmtflags flags (fmtflags fl)
bool good () const
 ios ()
 operator const void * () const
bool operator! () const
int precision (unsigned int n)
int precision () const
iostate rdstate () const
fmtflags setf (fmtflags fl, fmtflags mask)
fmtflags setf (fmtflags fl)
void setstate (iostate state)
void unsetf (fmtflags fl)
unsigned width (unsigned n)
unsigned width ()

Static Public Attributes

static const fmtflags adjustfield = left | right | internal
static const openmode app = 0X4
static const openmode ate = 0X8
static const iostate badbit = 0X01
static const fmtflags basefield = dec | hex | oct
static const openmode binary = 0X10
static const fmtflags boolalpha = 0x0100
static const fmtflags dec = 0x0008
static const iostate eofbit = 0x02
static const iostate failbit = 0X04
static const iostate goodbit = 0x00
static const fmtflags hex = 0x0010
static const openmode in = 0X20
static const fmtflags internal = 0x0004
static const fmtflags left = 0x0001
static const fmtflags oct = 0x0020
static const openmode out = 0X40
static const fmtflags right = 0x0002
static const fmtflags showbase = 0x0200
static const fmtflags showpoint = 0x0400
static const fmtflags showpos = 0x0800
static const fmtflags skipws = 0x1000
static const openmode trunc = 0X80
static const fmtflags uppercase = 0x4000

Protected Member Functions

uint8_t flagsToBase ()

Detailed Description

Error and state information for all streams.

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef unsigned int ios_base::fmtflags [inherited]

type for format flags

typedef unsigned char ios_base::iostate [inherited]

typedef for iostate bitmask

typedef int32_t ios_base::off_type [inherited]

type for relative seek offset

typedef uint8_t ios_base::openmode [inherited]

typedef for iostream open mode

typedef uint32_t ios_base::pos_type [inherited]

type for absolute seek position

typedef uint32_t ios_base::streamsize [inherited]

unsigned size that can represent maximum file size. (violates spec - should be signed)

Member Enumeration Documentation

enum ios_base::seekdir [inherited]

enumerated type for the direction of relative seeks


seek relative to the beginning of the stream


seek relative to the current stream position


seek relative to the end of the stream

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ios::ios ( ) [inline]

Create ios with no error flags set

Member Function Documentation

bool ios::bad ( ) const [inline]
true if bad bit is set else false.
void ios::clear ( iostate  state = goodbit) [inline]

Clear iostate bits.

[in]stateThe flags you want to set after clearing all flags.

Reimplemented in fstream, and ofstream.

bool ios::eof ( ) const [inline]
true if end of file has been reached else false.

Warning: An empty file returns false before the first read.

Moral: eof() is only useful in combination with fail(), to find out whether EOF was the cause for failure

bool ios::fail ( ) const [inline]
true if any iostate bit other than eof are set else false.
char ios_base::fill ( ) [inline, inherited]
fill character
char ios_base::fill ( char  c) [inline, inherited]

Set fill character

[in]cnew fill character
old fill character
fmtflags ios_base::flags ( ) const [inline, inherited]
format flags
fmtflags ios_base::flags ( fmtflags  fl) [inline, inherited]

set format flags

[in]flnew flag
old flags
uint8_t ios_base::flagsToBase ( ) [inline, protected, inherited]
current number base
bool ios::good ( ) const [inline]
True if no iostate flags are set else false.
ios::operator const void * ( ) const [inline]
null pointer if fail() is true.
bool ios::operator! ( ) const [inline]
true if fail() else false.
int ios_base::precision ( unsigned int  n) [inline, inherited]

set precision

[in]nnew precision
old precision
int ios_base::precision ( ) const [inline, inherited]
iostate ios::rdstate ( ) const [inline]
The iostate flags for this file.
fmtflags ios_base::setf ( fmtflags  fl) [inline, inherited]

set format flags

[in]flnew flags to be or'ed in
old flags
fmtflags ios_base::setf ( fmtflags  fl,
fmtflags  mask 
) [inline, inherited]

modify format flags

[in]maskflags to be removed
[in]flflags to be set after mask bits have been cleared
old flags
void ios::setstate ( iostate  state) [inline]

Set iostate bits.

[in]stateBitts to set.
void ios_base::unsetf ( fmtflags  fl) [inline, inherited]

clear format flags

[in]flflags to be cleared
old flags
unsigned ios_base::width ( ) [inline, inherited]
unsigned ios_base::width ( unsigned  n) [inline, inherited]

set width

[in]nnew width
old width

Member Data Documentation

const fmtflags ios_base::adjustfield = left | right | internal [static, inherited]

mask for adjustfield

const openmode ios_base::app = 0X4 [static, inherited]

seek to end before each write

const openmode ios_base::ate = 0X8 [static, inherited]

open and seek to end immediately after opening

const iostate ios_base::badbit = 0X01 [static, inherited]

iostate bad bit for a nonrecoverable error.

const fmtflags ios_base::basefield = dec | hex | oct [static, inherited]

mask for basefield

const openmode ios_base::binary = 0X10 [static, inherited]

perform input and output in binary mode (as opposed to text mode)

const fmtflags ios_base::boolalpha = 0x0100 [static, inherited]

use strings true/false for bool

const fmtflags ios_base::dec = 0x0008 [static, inherited]

base 10 flag

const iostate ios_base::eofbit = 0x02 [static, inherited]

iostate bit for end of file reached

const iostate ios_base::failbit = 0X04 [static, inherited]

iostate fail bit for nonfatal error

const iostate ios_base::goodbit = 0x00 [static, inherited]

iostate for no flags

const fmtflags ios_base::hex = 0x0010 [static, inherited]

base 16 flag

const openmode ios_base::in = 0X20 [static, inherited]

open for input

const fmtflags ios_base::internal = 0x0004 [static, inherited]

fill between sign/base prefix and number

const fmtflags ios_base::left = 0x0001 [static, inherited]

left adjust fields

const fmtflags ios_base::oct = 0x0020 [static, inherited]

base 8 flag

const openmode ios_base::out = 0X40 [static, inherited]

open for output

const fmtflags ios_base::right = 0x0002 [static, inherited]

right adjust fields

const fmtflags ios_base::showbase = 0x0200 [static, inherited]

use prefix 0X for hex and 0 for oct

const fmtflags ios_base::showpoint = 0x0400 [static, inherited]

always show '.' for floating numbers

const fmtflags ios_base::showpos = 0x0800 [static, inherited]

show + sign for nonnegative numbers

const fmtflags ios_base::skipws = 0x1000 [static, inherited]

skip initial white space

const openmode ios_base::trunc = 0X80 [static, inherited]

truncate an existing stream when opening

const fmtflags ios_base::uppercase = 0x4000 [static, inherited]

use uppercase letters in number representations

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